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The leech therapy for skin diseases

The treatment of skin diseases is one of the preferential operational areas of the leech therapy.


In the literature will the excellent assistance described, which leech supply with the treatment of Furunkeln and Karbunkeln, in particular then if it promptly and in sufficient quantity (2 to 5 leech depending upon size) are set. Mostly we recommended to set the leech at the basis of the inflammation. Particularly good results are described with Gesichtsfurunkeln. Soon after setting the bluish discoloration brighter and more reddish, the pain that the tension of the Furunkels produced diminishes suddenly. If itself the tension repeated can be set for the patient in short distances a few times leech. Additionally this therapy form has also a cosmetic advantage, since no scar formation e.g. develops like it with Inzision, arises.


An abscess is a swelling filled with pus with a strong pressure pain accompanies. Abscess results from an infection and can stand also in combination with fever. If an abscess is treated with leech, the leech can be put on direct on abscess. That is cleaned by the Nachbluten abscess, those swelling decreases/goes back and the patient is suddenly relieved. Around abscess completely to heal however usually several leech therapys are necessary.

Inflammations of the lymph nodes

Here a description of Heinz Bottenberg was concerned very in detail from the year 1935 that with the leech therapy. It describes the treatment of its own three-year daughter, with whom after a infiziertem Ekzem reciprocally the submaxillaeren and submentalen lymph node swelled and merged into thick Packeten. This was connected with fever of 40,8 degrees C and vibration frost. "the small one made the impression of a seriously ill person, with large apathy and partial behaviourness, only by cold wickel and washing in barriers to be to some extent held could... in this condition decided we for leech to set, four on left side....Schon in the evening of this daily was the fever less highly (38.7 rektal), the child was fresher and showed a clear discharge. In the next days now the temperature sank on the standard, and, which had not dared to hope anybody, the mutual, tumors big as a fist passed appreciably, like butter in the sun, without further outside application, also without internal medicine gifts. No more further abcess formation arose, no break-through outward; and by the large inflammatory tumors a whale-nut-large remainder on each side was to be only felt after approximately one week. The child recovered remarkably rapid. The complete healing, cosmetically particularly pleasing, was reached in approximately 4 weeks.
Here I observed for the first time perfectly, what I experienced in the following years soundso often also in differently constituted cases again that possibly already existing abcess formation in the depth can be still absorbed, if in time leech are set that thus the word, ubi pus, ibi evacua! even with the hot abscesses general validity this experience an impact does not stress, in the future more frequently than using leech before, just like by the way for the surgical colleague, that all the seen and such a thing, after its words, before for a smooth impossibility would have explained "(1) can do me was

(1) Bottenberg Heinz: The blood yellow action - a versatile procedure of the biological medicine. Stuttgart - Leipzig 1935

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